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Bronzings Machine "Dressig-2500

New quality of furnish

The new decision in the field of furnish of a printed matter by thin pigments. Dressig 2500 does not pollute air in shop, it is safe for ecology and health in use. It is simple in work, does not demand special training of the personnel, it is universal in application. Fast cleaning of the machine and change of metallized and silicate pigments.


A feed(meal)

400 In, 68 And, 400 In, 16 And


7,81 х 3,78 х 2,99 m

Format of a paper minimal

28 х 40 sm

Format of a paper maximal

74 х 105 sm


7000 iph

The given machine has maximum economic charge of a pigment, due to exception of its losses in an operating time. The put pigment is not erased and not showered from a printed material. The effect of bronzing gives unlimited opportunities of furnish elite to production (cigarettes’ and perfum’s packing, covers of books and magazines, a wrapper of confectionery products and so forth). Thus is much cheaper than a hot both cold stamping, and use of special paints


Dreissig-2500-110cm Connected to 6-Colour KBA+Varnishing Unit