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High Speed UV.Spot Coating Machine with Powder Removal



The latest UV coaling machine. Model USTAR-102T. absolutely could reach to users'vanous requirements. The fast rotation of coating plate fits in with both wide and narrow coating plates. Gripper delivery is suitable for thick and thin paper coating. Off tine coaling design with multi-function is more efficient than In line coating system.

Structure of USTAR-102 is different from tradrtional UV spot coating machine USTAR-36- It's with the improvement of the frame .gears, transmission, lubrication, and automated electricity to bear the high speed operation.

  • Central lubrication system drips on the gears and shaft bearings while running the machine thus decrease more than 70% of the rate of depreciation

  • Lean gears composed of cast steel melt by high-temp flame ground precisely with 20-year endurance

  • With the underswlng arm Infeed system, front lay, grlpper, and cam coordinate perfectly to stabilize the papers transfer under high speed

  • Big diameter cylinder transfenng system reduces bending arch of the sheet In moderation, suitable for thick paper coating.

  • Double diameter press roller reduces the surface tension of coating varnish thus decrease the roller marks but increase gloss

  • Spacious coating operation space and specific clamp design shorten the photopolymer-manthng and setting time.

  • The two ends of delivery grlpper bars are with strong fixing sets, the distance between 2 central holes of the grlpper bar shafts Is 3" that makes the sheets gripped stably

  • Firm machine frames and cast iron base stabilize the machine at the running speed of 15000 cycles/h

  • Precise axle set with needle bearing and oil seal make the transmission rollers rotate smoothly

  • Coating speed of 8800 sheefs/h perfectly fits In with UV radiation volume (UV light and varnish affect drying speed.3 lamps X30m/mln) and coating evenness(varmsh and sheet affect roller marks)