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OOP Laminating (water-base & solvent-base)




OPP Laminating Machine (for water & solvent-base)

Paper lamination is wildly used on books, posters, boxes, hand bagjK.elc nowadays. Solvent-based lamination machines are replaced by water based ones gradually for enivronmental consciousness sake.
Tymi's new OPP laminatin machine. Octant 126ws (New) intergraded the lates technologies and is designed (or waler-base. solvent-base and pre-coated film usages. Besides, high speed lamination (45 m/min) and low power cost are also concerned Tor all user's needs.


  • Vertical main unit structure design shortens length of the old type.

  • Main unit contains coating, drying and laminationg system for easy operation.

  • Unique functional design for powerful drying unit and space reduction. Also to avoid. Film displacement and ensure inaccuracy wtthtn (+/-) 0.5mm.

  • Cast iron frame (60mm) for firm stability even operated with high speed.

  • Electrical PLC system and electronic control cabinet for easy maintenance.

  • Thermo controlled roller with big diameter, for bigger film drying area and longer pressed time by the roller, which ensures fine quality products.

  • Air pneumatic shaft device, easy to install and adjust.

  • Electrical tension control device and curved roller make film tensed and wrinkle-free.

  • Proportional simultaneous adjustment for one person operation. Multiple web winding path solves tension problem.

  • Main unit contains coating, drying and laminating devices.

  • Vertical and compact structure and also easy operation

  • Water base glue without toluene conforms to environmental consciousness.

  • No waiting needed after lamlntlng,

  • Smaller space required.

  • Easter and quicker for changing OPP film

  • Better quality than solvent base lamination when laminate dark printing or mat film.

  • Lower power cost.

  • Water-base glue results no bubbles.

  • Triple functional for water-base, solvent-base and pre-coated film.


  • Braking system tor motor drive to minimize paper wastege.

  • Feeder suction head with maintenance tree rotary valve requires no lubricant or oil.

  • Double sheet detector.


  • Chromed lamination cylinder with build-in heating element for predise laminatin temperature.

  • Big diameter roller to avoid film displacement

  • Hardened counter pressure cylinder coated with special synthetic rubber.

  • Film tension controller solves heated film tension problem.


  • Machine ground metering rotters to control an even flow of adhesive

  • Independent drive for coater with micro speed adjustment.

  • Continuous circulation of adhesive with submersible pump to maintain constant viscosity.

  • Electric gluing system for easy operation.


  • Vertical drying box design for stable traveling without displacement

  • High precision thermostat control to ensure precuse drying temperature.

  • Robust drying cylinder allowing for efficient drying of adhesive at high speed


  • 4 knife rotary cutter set with micro adjustment control, easy to operate

  • speed controlled with paper sizes and roller pressure.

  • Proportional simultaneous adjustment changes with main unit

  • Friction—type brake is equipped with the unwinding axis to maintain constan tension.


  • Chain hanged paper table.

  • Pneumatic sheet jogging device knocking up both sides of sheet and photo-electric cell controlled.

  • Conveyor table with suction belt

  • Double leveled belt guiding device, suitable for thin paper conveyance.